Easy at-work refreshments

Pantry Service gives your employees easy access to grab and go options so they can refresh and return to work.

Offering free food and drinks to employees is a powerful tool. It helps Tri-State Area businesses stand out to the competition and improves corporate culture by engaging employees. Partnering with an experienced service provider such as Healthy Vending New York ensures Pantry Service is easy and effective. From finding products to restocking shelves, we do it all and provide you a detailed invoice each month.

with Tanelo.ai

Making safety a priority during every visit to your location.

Tangelo technology provides guidelines and visual verification of trusted health and safety protocols.

Hand-held Details
Visuals and information are documented and shared for evidence of all executed protocols.

Transparent Protocols
Guidelines and service details are provided to every driver through their handheld devices.

Safety Confirmation
Drivers confirm all safety actions were taken and every guideline was met during their visit.

Mandatory Inspection
Drivers upload photos at the end of each visit for visual comparison and inspection.

Elevate the break room experience

Office pantry service is the best way to transform and boost the potential of a Tri-State Area break room in the ongoing search for great employees and to help retain current employees.

Increase employee benefits with Office Panty Service from Healthy Vending
New York!

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