Get the latest workplace self-serve refreshment options for the Tri-State Area

Open concept with hundreds of options


No hassle

We handle all the details, from installing the displays to restocking the items for your employees to purchase.


Employee benefit

The enhanced number of product choices and open, cafe-style concept make micro-markets a staff favorite.


Healthy options

Micro-markets support health and wellness with fresh foods and more choices in snacks
and beverages.



No hours of operation or cashiers to worry about, micro-markets offer refreshment anytime using a kiosk.

With Technology our drivers are guided step by step for safety protocols during every visit to your location.

Self-service micro-markets in New York

Real-time Information
Handheld devices provide safety guidelines and service details to our drivers.

New York office micro-markets

Visual Guidance
Pictures with details to confirm completion of tasks are shared.

Micro-market technology in New York

Attention to Detail
Drivers verify all steps are completed and guidelines followed during their visit.

Micro-markets options for you New York office

Compare and Inspect
Photos taken at the end of each visit offer visual documentation.

Revamp your breakroom

A micro-market will set you apart from other businesses and help you maintain a positive atmosphere at work. Create the ultimate breakroom experience for your office.


Make a gathering space to increase collaboration, share ideas, and make connections.


Use it as a key differentiator to recruit talent and retain employees.


Offers a wide range of products to cater to everyone in the office.


Equipment and products are remotely monitored so your breakroom is always fully stocked.


Open all day so your employees can enjoy all day refreshments during their workday.

Upgrade your breakroom into an employee oasis with a micro-market from Healthy Vending!

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