Kosher foods can lead to an increasingly healthy lifestyle and are highly beneficial for your
Tri-State Area employees

For a food product to be considered kosher it must endure various processes and tests to make sure it is completely healthy. And, due to the slowed process of examination and high standards of quality that regulate kosher foods, eating kosher eliminates many risks and helps your employees be more aware of what they’re putting in their body.

New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan kosher food options Kosher vending options in New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan

Benefits of having Kosher options in your break room:

  • Quality standards are higher for kosher foods
  • Limits placed on the amount of food consumed helps establish self control and healthy eating habits
  • Good for people with allergies to certain foods like shellfish because strict restrictions prevent the accidental mixture
    of products
  • Because meat and dairy don’t mix in a kosher diet, cholesterol levels are generally lower in people
    keeping kosher

Healthy Vending New York can help you keep Kosher items stocked in your break room
for special dietary needs!

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