Why Us

Vending Machines in New York City

Located in New York City, Healthy Vending New York is a full-service vending company
offering the widest selection of brand-name products vended by the latest in
machine technology.

We have a dedicated crew of well-trained employees, experienced in the service industry.
This helps explain why we have so many long-term devoted customers.

Healthy Vending

Customized Selections

Another aspect that separates us from competitors is our willingness to customize every portion of our service. Just tell us what you want in your machines and that’s what you’ll get. This includes a wide array of healthier items. We’ll also customize vending agreements such as free vend programs and anything else that helps us match your business better.


Operational Excellence

Our number one goal is to provide business owners and facility managers with a quality, affordable service that doesn’t require hands-on involvement. We want to do our jobs so well that you can completely focus on doing yours. That’s why we offer new, reliable vending machines, because they deliver the best reliability. If there ever is a case when a machine needs service, we repair it quickly at no charge. In cases where a machine can’t be fixed in a timely manner, we simply replace it.


Healthy Vending New York…Dedicated to Exceed Your Expectations! Call toll free at 844-NYH-VEND (844.694.8363) or locally at
(718) 450. 8716 or e-mail info@healthyvendingnewyork.com for more information or to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.