Vending Machines in New York City

Healthy Vending New York is big on technology. You might wonder just how much has changed with vending machines, but the fact is this is a very fluid business – and we’ve kept up with every aspect of these industry advances.

The Latest Advances in Technology

vend screen

Vend Screen technology – Our machines incorporates an interactive touchscreen on the vending machine. Users can access nutritional information on products before purchasing.. Our proprietary snack database consists of thousands of calorie and ingredient details. Customers can also use the Help Button to immediately alert the vending operator should a problem arise at the vending machine. Mobile phone numbers are collected to speed the trouble-shooting and refund process.

Coupon Rewards Program - Are you looking for a unique way to provide incentives or to deliver spot bonuses? Healthy Vending New York may already have what you’re looking for with our coupon rewards program operated through our Vend Screen Technology. You can offer coupons to employees, clients or visitors and they can use them like cash in our state-of-the-art vending machines. Only a small amount of programming is needed and the machines are ready to accept them…and deliver free snacks and beverages in return.

Cashless Vending – Transactions are cashless through our Vend Screen Technology, requiring a simple swipe of a card. Also, you can send e-mails or texts through the system to indicate any service problems. No need to wait for the route driver to handle customer service concerns.

vend screen

Pre-Kitting/Wireless – Our wireless capabilities through our Vend Screen Technology allow us to see what’s in your machines so we know what’s in your machines before we ever leave the warehouse. This makes for much more efficient restocking…and let’s us see which products aren’t moving so we can swap in something different.

guranted product

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems – Sure Vend is an infrared technology that can determine if a purchased product drops or not, and refunds money automatically. No shaking machines or filling out slips for lost money.

energy star

Energy Star – there are many new technologies that provide for a much more green service. Machines are more efficient, meaning they draw less power to deliver the same, or an even higher level, of performance. Furthermore, Energy Star equipment uses LED lighting and energy saving motion sensors.

green cycle

Green Initiatives - Beyond the machines, we’ve taken steps to be more green in how we deliver services. At every opportunity, we utilize biodegradable packaging. Also, we schedule our route drivers more efficiently, focusing on specific areas to serve at a certain time to save on unnecessary travel. In addition Healthy Vending New York has recently invested in a new fleet of vehicles for better efficiencies including fuel consumption. Also, our wireless technologies inform us to what customers have in their machines, therefore cutting down on return trips and we are a partner with NYC Clean Air program.

Interactive touchscreens powered by a
proprietary cloud-based vending platform


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