Free Vend

Vending Service in New York City

What is “Free Vend” and why is it so popular? Free Vend means that your company, rather than your employees, pays for the drinks, snacks, and anything else Healthy Vending New York provides on your behalf. This approach has proven so popular for a number of reasons:

People love to enjoy their favorite beverages and snacks during the course of their workday. Even though the cost is nominal, an employee is more likely to take advantage of vended products if you provide them. This, in turn, increases their enjoyment.

Employees view Free Vend as a generous benefit from their company. In the scheme of things it may not cost much compared to other formal benefits but its perceived value is certainly high in the eyes of your employees.

Free Vend offers a much wider range of products. Employees are free to sample beverages, snacks, and other food products that they may never have even seen before. This “easy access” provides further enjoyment to your valued employees.


Free Vend and its breadth of selection gives your employees one less reason to leave the office during the workday. That translates into more time to be productive on any given day.

Many New York’s favorite companies have chosen Free Vend and it’s no surprise! Ask us to tell you more about this easy way to make your employees happier while they’re working. It’s a great investment in productivity and employee satisfaction!

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