Beverage Vending Machines in New York City

Quench your thirst with Healthy Vending New York’s unrivaled beverage vending. We offer the widest variety of cold, refreshing beverages customized to your liking. Get Coke, Pepsi or generic vending machines to offer the popular soft drinks your employees crave. Also, we go the extra mile with healthier beverages, offering Dasani, Aquafina, Vitamin Water and Snapple vending machines.

No matter what beverage services you choose, we guarantee it will be provided in the most modern, reliable vending equipment available. All vending machines are provided free of charge. If any of our machines give you trouble, we’ll respond quickly to make it right.

The selection is completely customized to your liking. We also rotate in different products from time to time, just to keep your selection from getting stale. Furthermore, we’ll customize your service agreements. Our subsidized vending program lets you pay for a portion of the employee costs as an extra fringe benefit.

The New Rubi Micro-Cafe

We also offer hot beverage machines that deliver flavored coffees, cappuccinos and teas. Delivering drinks in 12- and 16-ounce cup sizes, these machines will give your people their daily fix and keep them from having to leave the office to go to the local coffee shop. This can go a long way to improving your operation’s productivity.

rubi coffice machine

We Offer a Wide Variety of Healthy & Traditional Beverages

Honest Tea
Sparkling Water
Zico Coconut Water
Smart Water
Polar Seltzer
Hint Water
Energy Drinks

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